Deity’s Muse: Lungs Full, EP available now

Lungs Full

Deity's Muse 2019 Lungs Full

Johannesburg, South Africa: following hot on the heels of last week’s sneak peek with the single ‘Still in Hiding’, the new EP from Deity’s Muse is here! Get Lungs Full today on all major digital platforms. Multiple links are available via Deity’s Museown website.

Lungs Full is the first part in an evolving concept. Deity’s Muse plans to release four digital EPs over the coming months; whereas once compiled will be available on CD and vinyl as a single full length album.

Lungs Full

Deity’s Muse feels that the band has grown as both musicians and songwriters since the release of their previous album, 2016’s Convergence.

“I’m really excited about where we’re at now as far as songwriting goes. We’re trying to challenge ourselves and take the grooves to the next level. These songs are probably simultaneously our most progressive and melodic songs to date.” ~ Wayne Boucher (guitar/vocals, Deity’s Muse)

“We had loads of fun writing these new songs. Most of the material stemmed from riffs or grooves that we had written individually. After we got back from our tour of the UK last year we got to sit down and do some solid writing as a unit. We found our flow state and these songs were pretty much done in a short space of time. We sent them off to Vinnie in Australia for his pre-production magic, expert ear and interpretation. We’re really proud of these songs and of each other for always wanting to stay away from that ever-cozy comfort zone.” ~ Sashan Pillay (drums, Deity’s Muse)

UK Tour & other upcoming local gig dates

Deity’s Muse members are no longer stranger to life on the road. Having multiple forays into Europe under the belt, the band is going back to the UK this July to perform a series of live shows with Monuments; appear live at Tech-Fest: 2019, and; return to South Africa with the UK’s Monuments in tow for two South African shows in August.

South African dates as follows:

9 August @ Mercury Live, Cape Town.
Line-up: Monuments (UK), Deity’s Muse (JHB) and Thread of Omen (CT). Buy tickets.

10 August @ Platteland, Pretoria.
Line-up: Monuments (UK), Deity’s Muse (JHB) and Red Helen (JHB). Buy tickets.

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