Demogoroth Satanum: Becoming EP released

Demogoroth Satanum 2018 Becoming

Soweto, South Africa: erupting from new and surprising places, Black Metal appears to be gaining ground with the latest release, Becoming, from Demogoroth Satanum.


Becoming is a four track EP featuring two studio songs and two live rehearsal recordings; collectively breaking nearly four years of silence from the band since its ‘Kingdom ov Hell’ single in 2014. We spoke to a member of the band, eager to learn more about its intent as being from such a unique space:

“We’re trying to be as broad as possible in terms of lyrical content as apposed to most black metal focusing mainly on Occult practices. We try to involve elements of witchcraft, cannibalism, African mythology, blasphemy and basically anything that sounds good to our ears.” ~ Sthembiso ‘Tyrant’ Kunene (vocals, Demogoroth Satanum)

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What’s very intriguing about Demogoroth Satanum from the international community – as well as a delight locally – is that it appears to be the world’s first all-black Black Metal band. Covered generously by international media, the band has enjoyed many stage opportunities in recent years; including to bring South Africa as a Heavy Metal nation into repute. Demogoroth Satanum performed as support for visitors such as USA’s Cattle Decapitation and Poland’s Behemoth.

South African identity

Whilst aesthetically very much in line with traditional Black Metal, Demogoroth Satanum seeks its own identity as being African. As already touched on in the lyrical context, Tyrant brings something different to the table. Visually speaking, there is a little twist too. Again, whilst maintaining traditional aesthetics of Black Metal, a different story is being told:

Demogoroth Satanum African Black Metal

“This artwork was done by our bass guitarist, Thapelo. Obviously with this being the first batch of product we were releasing, we wanted to give it an African-slash-black metal style; which is what we are most famous for. We threw in monuments in Soweto to represent where we are from and a lot of elements of African witchcraft. Thapelo did a really good job and we’re working on some new art for the upcoming album as we speak.” ~ Sthembiso ‘Tyrant’ Kunene

Tyrant tells us that a full-length album will follow hot on the heels of Becoming. Then the band will play more shows, not restricted only to larger events as in recent times; hopefully also including a first-time visit to Cape Town. In the meantime, find Becoming and previous releases for purchase via Demogoroth Satanum‘s bandcamp page.

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