DevilSpeak EP: re-released, limited edition pressing

DevilSpeak EP

DevilSpeak EP packaging

Cape Town, South Africa: the extreme metal quintet known as DevilSpeak smashed onto the local gig circuit in 2014, seeking to rewrite how local metal entertainment presents itself. It began with puppet body-bags hung around the stage and soon spread to other wild props and crazy masks. DevilSpeak imprints itself into the minds and visual memory of fans wherever it finds itself.

This culture is now evident in the realm beyond the stage. DevilSpeak recently unveiled a limited edition physical released for its 2018 three-track EP, See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil. And it’s absolutely stunning! The band created an unboxing video for the full presentation.

DevilSpeak EP: See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil limited edition print

See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil is now available as limited run of only 100 copies in an epic inverted cross gate-fold, complete with a lyric booklet. Consisting of three songs, See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil remains conceptual on many levels. Three unique artworks were created for the project by Sepulchral Visions and feature strongly through the packaging; each one representing one facet of each of the three songs.

DevilSpeak is selling these collectibles from the bands Bandcamp page or via direct message, as well as at upcoming shows while stocks last.

Unleash The Kitties 2019 Stellenbosch

Unleash The Kitties: charity gig featuring DevilSpeak and more

Speaking of upcoming shows, DevilSpeak is joining forces with three other extreme metal bands in support of a charitable cause in Stellenbosch on 18 May. Unleash the Kitties aims to raise funds for a donation to the Cattery at Animal Welfare Stellenbosch. The full line-up consists of: Woltemade; Halvar; DevilSpeak, and ;Abaddon, in that order of appearance.

For full details and updates, join the facebook event page.

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