DISARMAGEDDON: Detonator EP, all platforms now

Disarmageddon 2021 Detonator EP art

Johannesburg, South Africa: whilst available via Bandcamp and several other platforms for a month already, Disarmageddon‘s Detonator EP is now on all major streaming platforms.

Word on the street is that Hate City’s power thrash quintet called it a day back in January. However, Disarmageddon‘s latest EP, Detonator, appears to have ushered in a resurgence of interest in the band; perhaps from within as well? A hint dropped on social media suggests that maybe they’ll be back!

Detonator: a bid farewell, or a welcome home?

Regardless of the outcome, Detonator is receiving positive reviews and to our ears is reminiscent of the thrash glory days represented by Queensrÿche; somewhat raw and intentional. It’s almost a shame to think that there will be no more. Indeed, the band reports that the songs on Detonator were actually part of an incomplete larger project – Disarmageddon‘s debut album.

Let’s wait and see. Perhaps, with enough push from the public, we can extract the full work from the band in due course.

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