Forsaking Fate: self-titled debut EP released

Forsaking Fate 2019 album cover

East London, South Africa: Forsaking Fate is the first Metal band from this city to make a national impact in years. This week, the thrash/melodic death duo finally released its self-titled debut EP after they teased us with a sample track in April.

Forsaking Fate

The band’s name is fundamental to its overriding theme, and the lyrics explore the idea behind Forsaking Fate deeply in this first release; for which the same title is a no-brainer.

We’ve chatted with members about this before and always get the same answer, albeit in different words. The overarching message that we should not accept defeat simply as if it’s our fate.

“Forsaking Fate is a call that will hopefully resonate within all who have been dealt the shit and unfair hand in life and refuse to just accept that! We are encouraging them to forsake that fate, whatever it may be. Rise up against it and forge their own path so to speak.” ~ Grant Hensburg (guitar/vocals, Forsaking Fate)

Each song has a story. Whilst the art and titles might appear cynical on the surface, Forsaking Fate paints a silver lining; that for every ending, there is also a beginning. Listen the songs and follow the band to find out more.

Connect with the band Forsaking Fate on facebook, or at the official website.