Harbinger: New Robyn Ferguson EP to launch at WinterFest’20

Cape Town, South Africa: with the countdown for WinterFest’20 upon us, we can’t be more thrilled to announce that progressive rock artist, Robyn Ferguson, is launching a new EP on the same day. The two-track EP, Harbinger, has a goosebump raising beauty to it. We can’t wait to show her new music off to WinterFest’20 patrons. 

The title for the EP captures the essence of the emotion of the music, which tells the journey of Robyn’s health issues of late; and her determination to overcome them. While this theme is not new to her music, Harbinger has a different quality to previous work, like the technical feel of Falling Forward, her first full-length album as a solo musician.

“It’s a continuation of the story, but a parallel story…Harbinger is its own story but it is linked very much to Falling Forward… Harbinger is the limbo stage of a split second decision, if I go the other way, what happens? It sees all of these timelines as interlocking and interlacing. It is about the calling…is this what I am supposed to be doing.” ~ Robyn Ferguson.

Going solo: a harbinger of her career liftoff

Two years ago, Robyn went solo. Since then, Robyn has released two short EPs and an album that capture moments in her new life. After leaving Pretoria, where she played with extreme metal band, Adorned in Ash, she has kept parts of herself as the guitar-wielding prodigy. As a solo artist, she has expanded the melodic aspects of her delivery, settling into a different type of musical direction. In Cape Town, she has found herself in a place of simplicity: just her and her guitar.

While black and death metal allow space for raw and savage emotions, Robyn has explored a broader spectrum of emotions in her music over the past while. Harbinger might just be the most personal; a compulsion that exploded out of her over the 72 hours it took to develop the two tracks, “Premonitions” and “Apparitions”. 

“It was a weird time because I was very happy with all of the cool stuff happening with falling forward, but then I realised many of my friends, and even myself, was in a very dark space, like a depression, really. I wrote both of those songs in a very short space, and it was all in that same frame of mind. That is why they form well together… Musically they are in the same key, it is the same song but stripped apart and reassembled.” ~ Robyn Ferguson.

The Oceanborn: a track from Robyn Ferguson’s debut album, Alizarin

Finding the guitar one again

Even during the difficult times, Robyn has proved to have an insane level of resilience. She has been endorsed by Ibanez. She has explored the reception to her new brand of progressive rock. Robyn has also dealt with a very serious health issue that lead to her re-learning to play guitar. Her health issues have forced her to reevaluate everything about her playing, but she takes it all in her stride.

“Just before I moved down [to Cape Town] and went completely solo, I was in so many bands: hardcore gigging, technical bands, and doing one-off shows and theatre gigs and session stuff, and it was too much actually. It became, I don’t want to say work, but work, in a way. I got disconnected. I would stand on stage and not feel it. That became hectic for me. It might have contributed to the collapse. Coming out of it, you go back to the way you cope. You pick it up and, think, what is this, how do I tune this? What is my name? My brain did a total reset….I have changed my technique dramatically. I realised this was a good thing….It has improved my technique and improved my appreciation and love for guitar.” ~ Robyn Ferguson.

Robyn is one of those rare honest breeds of humans, upfront about the trials of life, wearing her heart on her sleeve. We are sure to see more of her and get to know her story through her music.

Join us at WinterFest’20 (link to our Discord server here) to see Robyn perform the tracks off of Harbinger, and get to ask her questions on her personal Discord channel.

Harbinger can be found on all major streaming platforms this coming Saturday, 1 August 2020.

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