Krummholz: East African Atmospheric Black Metal

Krummholz 2018 Rooted In Despair

Uganda: A glorious sixteen-minute long track was released this week by a new collaborative effort by East African musicians. Krummholz consists of ‘Rosewrath’ from Ugandan Vale of Ammonition (vocals), ‘Seeker’ from Kenyan Nelecc (instrumental composition), and ‘Noktal’ on drums from Ethopia (presently residing in the USA).

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Krummholz: Rooted In Despair

Krummholz introduced itself this week with Rooted In Despair; an EP consisting largely of a single song, but also a four-minute instrumental/ambient introductory track. The main work is an epic titled ‘To Father Worlds in the Bones of Ancient Solitude’.

“Krummholz is way more contemplative than anything else I have been dealt musically and thematically. Noktal and Seeker come from a background of rather contemplative music themselves, but what combined my ethos with theirs is the bleak texture of what we are able to envision together. So really this is sort of the bend in the road where Nelecc meets Vale of Amonition; but instead of hearing a mixture of the styles, you come away with something entirely new. This is East African black metal. It is a thoroughly new thing. All three of us are going to have a go at shaping the lyrical character of the band. I think that will make it more interesting since we all have such differing ideas about painting solitude. Seeker does all the harsh vocals. I have a lot more I want to develop in terms of vocalization for Krummholz; time will reveal all.” ~ Victor Rosewrath (vocals, Krummholz)

Victor also ensures that Rooted In Despair will likely appear as a physical release soon as well. He’s talking about vinyl, CD and cassette tape via various distributors.

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