MARENE: New EP, Something’s Out There, out now

Cape Town, South Africa: They may be young and fun, but MARENE‘s members take their music (and themselves) very seriously. The new EP from the Cape Town “flash-rockers” feels a bit like the Rocky Horror Picture Show had four babies with KISS; all with their own personalities. But mainly, Something’s Out There, is a sing-along record, well suited for a live audience.

The EP swings between the creepy and sinister; with title track, ‘Something’s Out There’ speaking to a sense of paranoia being experienced by the protagonist, to that age-old theme of sex, or in the case of “Bad, Bad Lovin’”; bad sex. *chuckle*  

Something’s Out There: The single 

Last week, MARENE released the title track for Something’s Out There. Since then, they’ve run the gauntlet of interviews and promotional opportunities. It’s a solid song with a catchy chorus; all the makings of a single and a great taster for what the band are made of. We spoke to a band member about the reactions from fans so far: 

“We were nervous about the reaction we’d receive, especially because the song itself is so different to our other material. Thus far, we have received the most amazing reactions from friends, family and fans. It’s been almost a week and the song is still buzzing. 

We were invited for an interview on France the Planet and people kept on sending shoutouts about how much they love the song. It was amazing! I felt so proud. The same day we did that interview, we had received the news that ‘Something’s Out There’ made the Top 40 tracks on Mix93.8FM. This was the first chart track we have produced and it has grown in the media far beyond our expectations.” ~ Tyler Duggan (vocals, rhythm guitar)

MARENE 2021 Something's Out There promo shoot

Looking abroad for production finishes

While not pushing too many boundaries with their music, MARENE is responding to that very real phenomenon happening right now; the frustration and misery of being stuck at home during a global pandemic. No gigs, no parties, and minimal drinking. In fact, MARENE postponed the development of a full-length album in order to seize this creative inspiration.

However, not wanting to waste the opportunity to make something good, Tyler and company approached sound engineer, Acle Kahney, (4D Sounds & TesseracT) to work on the tracks. The EP sounds consistent and professional because of this. We asked Tyler about working with Acle. 

“I respect and admire Acle Kahney and what he’s been able to do with TesseracT; of course, being the engineer for their albums. I was in awe of his production and skill and so I contacted him through 4D Sounds… and began a conversation about him being able to Master the EP. 

He was nothing but a pleasure to work with and definitely helped to take our tracks to the next level. Once I sent the tracks to him the first time, he said they sounded great and assisted me on some minor things that could take an already good mix to new heights. He took a week to master the EP, which is very fast for the standard of work he produced, and exceeded our expectations. I’m absolutely honored to have worked with him.” ~ TYLER DUGGAN (VOCALS, RHYTHM GUITAR)

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