Peasant: new EP Kingdom and exquisite music video

Peasant 2021 Kingdom album cover

Cape Town, South Africa: hardworking hardcore band Peasant adds another item to its ever-expanding discography today with Kingdom. The three-track EP marks another milestone for the quintet following the previous full length album in 2019, Unrest Eternal.

“Kingdom has not come. My will be done.”

Peasant is celebrated for its constant ability to straddle the extreme music genre-pool whilst still laying deep its hardcore roots. Kingdom appears to be no exception. Is it hardcore? Is it metal? Perhaps thrash or punk? Does it matter? Nay! It’s just as good as ever and satisfies an appetite for blowing off steam.

Again, Peasant holds high standards working only with those in whom band members have the greatest faith; recording with Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios; mixing done by Tim Vincent at Woodcroft Audio, and; mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Kingdom: By the Crack of the Bell

Check out this exquisite music video created purely to make today great! ‘By the Crack of the Bell’ is the opening track of Kingdom and deserved some saliva-inducing visuals.

Speaking of visuals, the Peasant merch game is also on fire! Support, support, support.

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