Priest Killer: Sessions in Blasphemy EP

Priest Killer 2019 Sessions in Blasphemy

Bloemfontein, South Africa: within any conservative heartland, rebellion is never far from view. In Bloemfontein, this is manifesting in the form of death metal band Priest Killer. With lyrical content as blatant as the name and the subtlety of a detonator, Priest Killer, conceptualized in 2011, presents its first official release, Sessions in Blasphemy.

Sessions in Blasphemy: is exactly what it sounds like

The band is addressing what its members view as real-world issues for which they believe responsibility can be laid at the feet of organized religion. A member explains:

“The lyrics are largely aimed as an attack on the idea of religion, not so much on the people who are victimised by it. The lyrics contain bits and pieces in Latin and Ojibwe, and the plan is to continue drawing on all cultures and tongues in order to convey the message of rebellion against religious dogma.” ~ Jaime Ribeiro (vocals, Priest Killer)

The ideological stance of Priest Killer makes it clear that the legendary (now defunct) South African death metal band Architecture of Aggression, finally has an heir to carry the flame ignited by that band in the 90s.

If you’re interested in hearing more from Priest Killer, check out Sessions in Blasphemy on bandcamp.

Priest Killer 2019 press photo