Riddlebreak: New EP, Architeuthis, out today

Riddlebreak 2021 Architeuthis

Midrand, South Africa: Today, Riddlebreak released its long-awaited second EP, Architeuthis; and just in time for SummerFest’21 online event. Unfortunately, Covid regulations have quashed the physical launch party, but this does nothing to dampen the heat coming off this release. 

Architeuthis is a compact, loud and blistering 4-song EP with production and song-writing right where we expect it to be for such a seasoned band. Riddlebreak has shown itself to be a hardworking and professional act. Let us not forget the punch it packed at the South African Metal Music Awards last year. The band was nominated for Best Music Video (Allegiant), Best Single (Allegiant), Best Live Act, Best Alternative Band, Best Progressive Band and 3 x Best Photograph Nominations (David Devo Oosthuizen). Riddlebreak really does have a lot to bring to the scene. 

Architeuthis: continuing with a winning formula

Coming into their progressive elements in the last few years was a necessary move for these metalcore musicians from the Gauteng province. Architeuthis continues this winning formula, while still maintaining their high metalcore standard. 

“…we believe [Architeuthis] conveys a sense of a rush of blood through your entire body, as it reanimates after a lifetime of being suspended in zero gravity. There are moments that may numb you with euphoria, and then there are moments that bring you crashing down to Earth like a super saiyan.” – Gareth Reed (rhythm guitar)

Architeuthis is about facing our monsters

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Riddlebreak’s songwriting carries a lot of lyrical intelligence. This is evident in the diverse and interesting subject matter that makes up Architeuthis’ songs. “Architeuthis” means “giant squid” and refers to those creatures of the deep that were believed to swallow ships and cause havoc. And yet, there is no evidence they ever did so.

Playing on their customary quip, “hail legions”, the first song on their album, “Allegiant” is a call to outcasts and accepting our differences.  

“Architeuthis is about facing the monster within and walking with it. There is a lot of literature out there that speaks about conquering your demons and overcoming hardships. However, as we grow older there have been tragedies and facts of life that we’ve had to learn to live with. Sometimes pain doesn’t go away, time doesn’t heal everything. you learn to accept it as a part of life.” – Gareth Reed (rhythm guitar)

An EP to “take back control”

We asked Riddlebreak why they chose to release an EP when fans have been looking forward to an album. Gareth Reed admits that lockdown did come in the way of their plan to release a 12-track album in June last year. They even had to record parts of Architeuthis at home due to the restraints on the band. 

Despite its “smaller size”, Architeuthis is evidence of Riddlebreak’s unending dedication to high-quality music. Lockdown didn’t completely do them in. They not only played live a number of times, but even did online live streaming events. A couple of the songs from Architeuthis were released throughout 2020. These included “Allegiant” and “the Hog“, with its epic accompanying illustration. 

“With live shows on hiatus it really affected us because we are predominantly a live performing band; but we did not want the pandemic to have complete sway over us, so in many ways creating this EP was about us taking back control of our lives.” – Gareth Reed (rhythm guitar)

Something to be proud of!

Catch Riddlebreak at SummerFest’21 tomorrow. Stream the festival on Twitch.Tv or join the socialising on Discord.