Robyn Ferguson: Triptych EP is released

Robyn Ferguson 2021 Triptych

Cape Town, South Africa: local legend Robyn Ferguson has released her latest three-track EP, Triptych, today. 

Triptych: in review

Triptych is the fourth solo release by Robyn Ferguson, and the latest edition to the Alazarin Chronicles; a collection of concept EPs created by the talented and revered guitarist. Triptych is the subsequent step in her journey which addresses the struggles of the mind; of thought and the conclusion of “I”. With each step, Robyn forges her world, the chronicles … now anew and void of old mind.

This EP elicits a sense of excitement and anticipation. The opening track, ‘Three’ features Latin American multi-instrumentalist Adam Alvaro (Driven with Insanity). If you’re a fan of sweeping guitar solos and climatic melodies, we think you’ll enjoy this track.

The second offering, ‘Grey’ was the debut single off Triptych and was released on the 16th of February.

The final listing on the EP, ‘Status’, starts off with slow, chugging beats which command the listener to start bobbing their head. The beautiful piano compositions and interesting samples guides us on a deep journey of introspection. Furthermore, ‘Status’ features South African composer, Mark Allnut, of Pyjama Planet as guest; his unique influence bearing fruit in this piece.

A Tribute to Determination and Growth

Of the guests featured on ‘Triptych’, Robyn approached those who she felt are kindred in some way:

“I approached artists who are also following their own journeys and sharing their stories. ‘Triptych’ is a fellowship journey, standing as a united voice to the new… a homage to creation rather than destruction.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

Written and recorded while recovering from nerve damage, Triptych embodies the mental journey that Robyn had to embark on through her process of recovery. 

“It is about discovery, becoming the very thread of life, time and connection. The unknown and coming of clarity and the limbo between. My aim is to offer hope to those who are facing their own battles and inner demons.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

If you’re a fan instrumental progressive metal, we highly recommend you give this album a spin! 

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