Testosteruins: Suffering Masculinity, EP out now

Suffering Masculinity

Testosteruins 2019 Suffering Masculinity EP artwork

Cape Town, South Africa: the two-member continental death metal project Testosteruins delivers, as promised, its four-track debut EP, Suffering Masculinity. This follows its debut single ‘Fuck Sharafuck!’ which arrived in February this year. As the name and titles suggest, the band critically examines issues of gender-based oppression.

The duo consists of Tunisian instrumentalist Heny Maatar (presently based in Sweden) and South African vocalist Jo-Marie Smit.

The idea for Testosteruins stemmed from a challenge to invoke a teen-hood spirit back into the life of creator, Heny Maater. It began one nostalgic night when Heny recorded everything that his fingers could remember from the decade-plus old material. After a reflection on the lyrical and mental thematic of the music, Heny decided against adding yet another kitsch work to the library of stabbed corpses and splattered entrails. He chose to give it a deeper meaning and connection with the world’s “death metal enough” reality. He chose to express his views on what he calls “the patriarchal plague in human society.”

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Suffering Masculinity: four songs, four issues

Testosteruins describes the release as a sort of demo EP, consisting of songs written between the years 2003 and 2008. They were recorded by Heny Maater in Sfax, Tunisia last year before shipping to Cape Town where Jo Marie added vocals. The project was then It arrives at a time where some of the issues addressed in the songs are massive talking points in society, particularly in South Africa at present.

The first track, ‘The Injector’ tackles the issue of rape. ‘Fuck sharafuck’ addresses child marriage, and ‘Animale’, homophobia. The title track, Suffering Masculinity, goes head on into matters of violence against women.

You can support Testosteruins and purchase Suffering Masculinity via bandcamp. Also visit the bands own website.

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