The Medea Project: Southern Echoes

The Medea Project 2021 Southern Echoes cover art

United Kingdom: with both band members formerly from South Africa, The Medea Project offers tribute to its origins with Southern Echoes. The five-track EP is, in fact, largely consisting of the live recording The Medea Project made for SummerFest’21, hosted by metal4africa.

New EP: four plus one

In addition to four songs from the SummerFest’21 performance, The Medea Project offers an acoustic cover of ‘Kneel To The Cross’, originally by Sol Invictus. Southern Echoes follows up on the band’s debut album, Sisyphus, released with the arrival of Covid-19 lockdown. Being ever proactive, members Brett Minnie and Pauline Silver spent their socially-distanced time not only in the studio, but also reconnecting with their South African roots.

The Medea Project 2021 press photograph, Pauline Silver and Brett Minnie

Southern Echoes: Stories From The South African Underground

Brett and Pauline had two extensive video chat sessions with known figures in the South African scene. A lot of it was reminiscing from previous ‘era’ of alternative culture, and then getting an update on how things have progressed to present times.

These come bundled with the EP as a “bonus” when you download it via bandcamp. Please do consider supporting The Medea Project‘s chosen cause in exchange for their music; otherwise, it is free to download.

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