Truth Decayed: Modern Day Illusion EP out today

Truth Decayed 2020 Modern Day Illusion cover art

Durban, South Africa: Thrash is back in town! Truth Decayed shows us today with the release of a debut EP, Modern Day Illusion, that choppy groove and melody are still kingpins in the Durban scene.

Modern Day Illusion

The title song, ‘Modern Day Illusion’ and its fellow track, ‘Opposing Direction’ make up the entirety of the EP and showcase the creative direction of Truth Decayed. As the band’s very name suggests, lyrical themes revolve around many aspects of the times we live in today as ‘The Age of Disinformation’.

Musically, the band has strong roots in old-school thrash sensibilities; although with members personal influences ranging across the metal spectrum and beyond, other elements are likely to tickle at the ears.

“It was really fun and interesting working with Ryno and Warren on these songs with Johan bringing in a fresh take on bass. The songs with every member’s different backgrounds in music influences shines through and gives a unique sound that I’m sure people will enjoy.” ~ Brandon Carey (drums, Truth Decayed)

Thanks to Lockdown

Many people have suffered through lockdown, having traditional coping methods challenged by lack of movement or money. Others, like Truth Decayed, have thrived through their creative output. Friends and long-time scene veterans came together out of hibernation during lockdown to create some metal.

At the heart of this creation are founding members Warren Jones and Ryno Theron; along with members Brandon Carey and Johan Maree, the band collectively reignites the powerful legacy of several former bands such as Mystical Element, Throne and Stigmata Dawn.

The band tells us that there is more to come in the foreseeable future, and we’re looking forward to it!

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