Peasant: ‘IV: Peak Fear’ EP released today

Peasant 2017 IV: Peak Fear

Cape Town, South Africa: local leader in the Hardcore scene, Peasant, releases it’s new EP IV: Peak Fear today. It has been eleven months since III: No Love, which made up the first part of a double EP release; now concluded with IV: Peak Fear.

Peasant recorded IV: Peak Fear together with III: No Love in 2016. The intention to stagger the releases is to raise funds for an eventual vinyl pressing where the two will finally also be combined into a hard copy. This will likely follow only in early 2018.

IV: Peak Fear, a natural extension of III: No Love

In production terms, the only significant difference between the two EPs – besides the artwork – is that the latest has been mastered by Aidan Cunningham in Ireland, whereas the previous was completed in the USA.

“Aidan approached us almost a year ago to do some work together, and the timing was just right for the release of the new EP. His work speaks for itself and really pushes our sound in my opinion”. ~ Pieter Jordaan (guitar, Peasant)

Pieter himself is responsible for the artworks which accompany each EP. We took the opportunity to quiz him on the connection between the two whilst we had his attention:

“Yeah, I think what was tricky with the art was that it needed to bring the two EPs together; but I also couldn’t make them look too similar because most people would confuse the two releases. With them both being digital only releases, it is important that they feel the same but don’t look the same. Interestingly, enough some people have actually gotten the connection, and ask if there is a relationship between the red and green covers. In terms of colour theory, the complimentary colour to red is green”. ~ Pieter Jordaan

Peasant will use the rest of 2017 to promote IV: Peak Fear with local shows before heading off on tour again in the new year; at which point the goal is to tour the combined EP in it’s vinyl hard copy format. However, no dates are published as of yet.

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