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Persona 2017 Metamorphosis

Tunis, Tunisia: a band we have followed with close interest since first arriving on our radar in 2015 is Persona. The band’s writing style and overall attention to detail and quality has impressed us since the unveiling of it’s first music video and consequent Elusive Reflections debut album. Recently, Persona announced the release date of it’s follow-up album Metamorphosis for 15 September, and has also just offered the first single for listening with ‘The Seeress Of Triumph’. Moreover, the launch includes a cross-Mediterranean tour to Europe.

In a previous conversation with Persona, we learned that the recording of Elusive Reflections was a great challenge. As a self-recorded project, the band had to learn the processes first; with more than one attempt before finding satisfying results. However, the effort has paid off. With a rising army of fans following the 2016 debut, Persona was able to conduct a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2017 to finance the recording of the new Metamorphosis.

“That helped us with the fees for recording, mixing and printing of the CDs. And we were also able to afford recording the vocals in a professional studio; as opposed to recording them under an umbrella in a bedroom”. ~ Melik Melek Khelifa (guitar, Persona)

Metamorphosis, an evolution within

Jelena Dobric 2017 Persona, image by Rock Raven
Jelena Dobric: image by Rock Raven

“What’s different in the approach comparing to ‘Elusive Reflections’ is that ‘Metamorphosis’ is a concept album, and in that sense we had a clearer idea in which direction we’re headed. At the same time we decided to follow the ‘rules’ less when it comes to writing, and rely a lot more on what comes out naturally”. ~ Jelena Dobric (vocals, Persona)

The Metamorphosis is suggestive. The word “metamorphosis” means a complete change of a living thing from one form into another. We asked if this had any special bearing on the band’s own journey from the creation of one album to another.

“Yes, it suggests change and evolution in different ways. On our first record we were much more influenced by what other female fronted metal bands were doing. On this one we went off the expected path and decided to completely follow our musical personalities; wherever that might take us. As a result, the sound is heavier. There are more extreme metal passages in the songs – both on the voice and instruments – but they are fused with many melodic, orchestrated and progressive elements. Altogether, it sounds more adventurous and diverse than our first album, and it definitely means that we’re going through certain evolution and metamorphosis as musicians and composers”. ~ Jelena Dobric

Jelena also tells us about an internal shift, whereby her own personal writing style of lyrics is also changing course.

“Besides that, the ‘Metamorphosis’ theme to me signifies my personal change and evolution as well; fighting and understanding certain states of mind, moods and emotions that we all experience. It means going from darkness towards the light. Learning to appreciate the path and realizing that it’s all about finding the balance between the two”. ~ Jelena Dobric

Metamorphosis to launch live in Europe, starting at FemME

Persona 2017 band by Rock Raven
Persona: image by Rock Raven
Eindhoven in the Netherlands is home to FemME (aka: Female Metal Event); a festival dedicated entirely to female-fronted metal bands, and likely the most important event of that nature in the world. This will also be the stage where Persona presents its live launch of Metamorphosis. Additionally, the band will appear at a number of other shows in Belgium and France.

“It’s going to be our first time abroad and we’re very excited about it! We’ll also be playing in the biggest female fronted European metal festival, opening among others for Delain”. ~ Melik Melek Khelifa

European Tour Dates:

23 September live at FemME – Eindhoven, Netherlands

24 September live at Candy Shop Paris – Paris, France

27 September live at Titans Club – Lens, Belgium

29 September live at Le Garage Creative Music – Liège, Belgium

Persona is inviting pre-orders of Metamorphosis via its Bandcamp page. The album will become available on all major digital platforms on 15 September, and also as a hardcopy direct from the band.

The track list for Metamorphosis as follows:

1 – ‘Prologue – The Initiation’
2 – ‘The Omen of Downfall’
3 – ‘Esurience Guilefulness Omnipotence’
4 – ‘Armour of Thorns’
5 – ‘Netherlight’
6 – ‘Bête Noire’
7 – ‘Invidia’
8 – ‘Hellgrind’
9 – ‘Credence’
10 – ‘In Memoriam’
11 – ‘The Seeress of Triumph’
12 – ‘Epilogue – The Final Deliverance’

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