Adorned in Ash: new single, The Day The Sky Rolls Up

Adorned in Ash 201The Day The Sky Rolled Up

Pretoria, South Africa: Adorned in Ash remains a tremendously active and longstanding force on the Gauteng metal scene. Today we find ourselves on the verge of a brand new album titled Apocalyptic Violence, with the first song on the album already live: ‘The Day The Sky Rolls Up’. This is the first significant recorded work from Adorned in Ash since releasing its debut album five years ago.

The Day The Sky Rolls Up

The new album, Apocalyptic Violence, follows a theme very much towards what the title suggests; a Death Metal depiction of the end of times! ‘The Day The Sky Rolls Up’ follows a brief introductory instrumental track, but otherwise opens up the Apocalyptic Violence album, describing a biblical scenario. What better choice for a first single than the opening chapter of a dogmatic epic?

We have been curious, however, as the band’s rather muted approach to promotion of the album up until now; days before SummerFest’19 which will make a up a great part of it’s promotion.

“We’ve been working so hard on getting the album perfect; so promoting it before we were comfortable in doing so was delayed until we were satisfied with the end product. So the radio-silence was mostly us with our heads down in the work. Now that it’s ready to see the light, we are very excited to share the music, the art and the production that has become these fourteen tracks and poster-worthy artwork which is Apocalyptic Violence.” ~ Leon van Rensburg

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With the first musical offering out in the open, promotion can begin in earnest; and the timing, like clockwork, coincides with Adorned in Ash‘s return to the M4A stage at SummerFest’19; exactly five years after the band’s last appearance here. Needless to say, Adorned in Ash released it’s previous album at SummerFest’14, making this return trip even more significant for band members:

“With M4A’s SummerFest being considered the pinnacle of local-focused metal shows in South Africa, it was a great honour to be part of the event. It most certainly felt like we’d reached that cusp after which we’d be included in the list of SA bands to be considered worth paying attention to. The honour of that show has not worn off and now we get to do it again! We hope we can live up to the expectations.” ~ Leon van Rensburg

And after that powerful first appearance in 2014, as well as five years of constant development, we have no doubt that they will. We asked Leon to quickly highlight some of their activities within the five years since:

“After SummerFest’14 we published the first album digitally world-wide. We played shows in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Ghanzi (Botswana), Palapye (Botswana), and Maputo (Mozambique). Adorned in Ash won two SAMMA awards and was featured on a Christmas metal compilation in the USA; and in a documentary about metal in Africa on French TV, in part for which the film crew traveled with us to Ghanzi.” ~ Leon van Rensburg

For full details on this weekend’s SummerFest’19 and Adorned in Ash‘s Cape Town visit, join the official facebook event page.

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