Chaos Doctrine: Father Grigori, Russian version out today

Chaos Doctrine Father Grigori Russian Version (Отец Григорий) feat Demether Grail

Johannesburg, South Africa: industrialized thrash/death metal band Chaos Doctrine released a remake of its ‘Father Grigori’ track today. As is suitable to the song’s inspiration, today’s rendition is sung in Russian by guest vocalist Demether Grail, from the band Zmey Gorynich (Змей Горыныч).

“Demether has a great voice, is really into Rasputin himself too, and fully understood what we wanted to do. With us having translated our track “The Genocide Number” into Afrikaans for our EP, we knew that this is no easy feat – it is not only about the lyrics, but also the rhyme and meter of the song. But, Demether did a better job than we could have ever hoped for – he took our track, re-wrote all the lyrics, and blended the words to fit into awesome rhythms. He stuck to the original themes but fully made the track his own, and his vocal is raw and brutal, bringing a fresh and hateful edge that would make the mad monk proud! We knew Russian vocals would up the ante on this track – but we didn’t know just how much.” ~ Dr D (vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

Full title: Father Grigori – Russian Version (Отец Григорий) feat. Demether Grail

This rendition follows the original track, ‘Father Grigori’, released earlier in 2020, and provides the sample of a greater body of work underway. We’ve been told at this time that Chaos Doctrine is planning a new EP for early in the new year.

In the meantime, band members crumbled beneath eagerness to reveal the collaboration with Demether Grail; who, from afar, offered a comment on his involvement:

“I have been writing lyrics and cross translating for a long time, for my own bands and other Russian bands; so this was no problem for me. I added quite a bit of my own into the Russian version, because I am very well acquainted with the story. I kept to the original vocal rhythm as much as possible, and stuck to a more timbre vocal, rather than the black metal style I usually use. The mix came out perfect!” ~ Demether Grail (vocals, Zmey Gorynich)

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