Chris Prophet: introduced with Star Gaze, first single

Pretoria, South Africa: a new musical beacon is lit this week with Chris Prophet and his first single, ‘Star Gaze’. Recent years have seen a fascinating emergence of many instrumental rock and metal projects, and not necessarily following the traditional configuration of members either. Chris Prophet is a solo project swaddled in melodic metal goodness.

Star Gaze

‘Star Gaze’ is the first single off of Chris Prophet‘s upcoming debut album, titled Athaza. The song brings together a complex but pleasing tapestry of melodies.

“Star Gaze is definitely one of the songs nearest to my heart. With about six guitars playing at the same time, this was so much fun to record and write as I continuously pushed myself to focus on adapting my sounds to carry across the feeling of insignificance and magnificence when looking up at the night sky.” – Chris Prophet

The nine-track Athaza will be released in full on 8 March, and any enthusiasts inspired to purchase the full work can do so via bandcamp.

Chris Prophet 2019

Who is Chris Prophet?

Basically self-taught, Chris developed his skills by learning and applying techniques from other guitarists and musicians he was inspired by. Having no formal background in music theory he firmly believes that once he becomes aware of the many rules of music, he will become bound by them, and be afraid of going where his emotions guide him.

Athaza is dedicated to Chris Prophet‘s best friend who passed away unexpectedly in 2016. Every track on the album represents the emotions that Chris experienced during the nine years of writing. Some tracks took years to complete where other tracks took a matter of days; each one representing a certain struggle that its writer had to cope with either in his personal or professional life.

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