Code 106: Eradicate, new single from upcoming EP

George, South Africa: it’s been a long time indeed before today’s release of Code 106‘s latest single, ‘Eradicate’, since we’ve last heard any musical stirrings from the Garden Route region.

The rock/grunge/metal-hybrid band formed in 2018 with a commitment to avoid getting creatively boxed in; and the output we’ve heard from Code 106 so far lives up to this promise. ‘Eradicate’ sheds a fresh light on the band’s capabilities – and the heavier end of its spectrum – priming us for more to come.

Eradicate: a youth in crisis!

With a versatile repertoire of music already – including a full length album, If I Said, released earlier in 2020 – this latest offering takes a very dark outlook on societal matters; in particular, how technology and associated popular cultures are messing with the minds of the youth.

“The youth is fucked – plain and simple. If these insecure, hollow ‘role models’ are raising your kids then issues are bound to erupt.” ~ Chad Abnett (vocals, Code 106)

In ‘Eradicate’, Chad lyrically unpacks many of the frustrations he can relate to in person, as well as in a generalized sense. Perhaps the theme required for Code 106 to take on a heavier edge to its music!

“This new way of thinking has destroyed the youth of today, the families, the schooling experience; kids are worrying about things that they should only learn about when they’re much older.” ~ Chad Abnett

Chad confirms that the upcoming five-track EP for which ‘Eradicate’ is the first single will be more metal-inclined than previous output from the band. The lyrical content will be more serious and political.

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