Deity’s Muse: new single, Still in Hiding

Still in Hiding

Johannesburg, South Africa melodic rock outfit, Deity’s Muse continues to skirt the outer edges of the metal world with its latest single ‘Still in Hiding’. Having recently supported the Ukraine’s mighty Jinjer on tour in Johannesburg, Deity’s Muse is already poised for another support slot for the UK’s Monuments, set to return to South Africa for a two-date tour following a ZA live debut at Krank’d Up Festival previously.

Adding to this whirlwind of exciting activity, today’s single release also serves to announce an EP coming up soon. Deity’s Muse will unleash Lungs Full next week on Friday, 31 May.

Lungs Full, as we have heard about it, takes shape as a concept work. The image for the cover speaks volumes, and the lyrical theme for ‘Still in Hiding’ clearly attaches to this view:

“Lyrically, it makes me think about where the future is heading and how unprepared human beings are for it; considering we’re not so keen on changing anytime soon. We still have this left versus right agenda embedded in our subconscious. A form of thinking that’s continued for centuries, and yet we wonder why we still have so much conflict in this world.” ~ Wayne Boucher (guitar/vocals, Deity’s Muse)

Deity's Muse 2019 Lungs Full

Still in Hiding, performed live and filmed at the recent Jinjer concert

Deity’s Muse shot ‘Still in Hiding’ live at Platteland in Centurion earlier in May. It was also the first time Deity’s Muse performed ‘Still in Hiding’ live.

“We chose to film our debut performance of this song and it so happened to be during our support slot opening for Jinjer and Sumer. Perfect environment to film a music video.” ~ Alvin Boucher (bass, Deity’s Muse)

“This video feels very real to me in terms of what it’s like being on stage, and it captures the moment we played ‘Still in Hiding’ live for the very first time. You can see that we’re simply lost in the music; very candid. There’s no pretending here.” ~ Wayne Boucher

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