Fenriswulf: Woven Fate, single released

Fenriswulf 2021 press photo Woven Fate

Secunda, South Africa: the “Wulf Pack” is back with a fresh new single for 2021, titled ‘Woven Fate’.

This is the first new music we’ve heard from the Nordic-themed melodic death metal band since 2020; when Fenriswulf released its crushing debut album, Breaking The Chains.

Woven Fate: consolidating a new direction

Of course, many of us remember Fenriswulf as releasing within us the same brutal/melodic euphoria as Amon Amarth in earlier years. However, with recorded material shows the band forming a distinct branch of its own in the genre. ‘Wovan Fate’ further encapsulates this development:

“It’s a new direction that we are going with our songs and so far it seems people like it.” ~ Johan du Toit (lead guitar, Fenriswulf)

‘Woven Fate’ is the first song from an upcoming EP which is in the works. Moreover, Fenriswulf is simultaneously working on a concept album to follow in due course.

We already have a few tracks written for the concept album as well. So we have been very busy and eager to return to the stage next year.

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