Forsaking Fate: ‘The End Of Existence’, debut single

Forsaking Fate

Forsaking Fate: image courtesy of Roxanne Wentzel Photography

East London, South Africa: glorious Metal shakes the earth in East London today as Forsaking Fate unleashes its first single, ‘The End Of Existence’. Gauteng-based label Draconem Records signed Forsaking Fate into a release agreement for its self-titled debut EP coming soon.

Forsaking Fate and Draconem Records deliver ‘The End Of Existence’

‘The End Of Existence’ follows an earlier announcement where Forsaking Fate showed of the stunning EP art by the Indonesian illustrator, Ongky Widyanto.

A member of the band explains the connection:

“‘Illusions’ was the first song we wrote and is about the illusion or image that system has created in our mind to make us believe that all is well in the world. When in actual fact it is quite the opposite. ‘The End Of Existence’ was just the natural progression thereafter. The artwork basically stems from the idea of those two songs, with the Raven, being symbolic of us, smashing through that perfect illusion and revealing the ugly truth of what is actually around us.” ~ Grant Hensburg (guitar/vocals, Forsaking Fate)

Wacken Metal Battle: RSA Finals

Forsaking Fate is traveling to Gauteng this weekend to perform at the Wacken Metal Battle South African finals. The show place them alongside others ranked this year as the country’s best. It takes place at Rumours Rock City on Saturday 27 April, starting at 16:00 with a draw in which order of appearance will be decided. Other bands on the line-up include Bleeding Spawn, Facing The Gallows, Kings Of Improg (KOI), Human Nebula, Riddlebreak, The Fallen Prophets, Thread of Omen and Your Cynical Sanity. Cost of entry is R120 per person, with proceeds going towards the winning bands travel expenses; with the finals taking place in Germany in August.

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Forsaking Fate 2019 album cover

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