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Hiraeth 2019 Lucid

Johannesburg, South Africa: the prog Metal band Hiraeth gripped the nation in 2018 with its potent introductory single, ‘Undying’. Last week, finally, the band offered us something new. Check out the second single, Lucid, via all major streaming platforms now.

Lucid: contrasts between dreams and reality

The new song teases us towards a debut EP release, hopefully before the end of the year. Whilst Hiraeth offers us no promises on a date, we are told that a music video for ‘Lucid’ is coming soon and will be followed closely by the EP.

In the meantime, one of the band’s two vocalists encourages us towards a little introspection:

“‘Lucid’ has two or three intertwined meanings; the first and most obvious being lucid dreaming. And within that concept a discussion takes place whereby one is challenged with the decision to stay in a perfect world, the dream world; but in a perfect world there’s no pain or hardships, which essentially is what makes us feel alive. The contrasting decision is to wake up and face reality, with all its ugliness, yet it makes you feel alive; as if to say nothing worth having ever comes easy, because it’s worth the strife. To stay in a dream world may be considered selfish. However, to waken may be considered as self sacrifice because you rise to challenges of providing for your loved ones, and serve the needs of others.” ~ Marty du Plessis (vocals, Hiraeth)

Botswana tour later this month

Hiraeth is also going abroad! Botswana grows as a place of not only myth and legend, but also of real memories for many South Africans. One of the neighbouring nation’s more legendary annual fixtures is Rock The Nation and will celebrate its ninth anniversary on the weekend of 27 and 28 September. Hiraeth will join a load of Botswana locals and at least one other international (Norbormide, from Mozambique) on stage.

Otherwise, back on our side of the border, Gauteng fans will have to wait until KushFest 2 at the end of November to see Hiraeth live again. Join the facebook event page for regular updates.

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Hiraeth 2018 by Matt Henry Photography
Hiraeth: image courtesy of Matt Henry Photography
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