Holo: Curtailed Conjecture, new single to close off 2019

Cape Town, South Africa: progressive death metal rears its head again with Holo; possibly the most immersive explorer into the niche we’ve seen since the Fuera phenomenon. Holo released a new single recently, titled ‘Curtailed Conjecture’.

Curtailed Conjecture

A band member described to us a change in strategy for the band moving into 2020 and beyond, with higher quality recordings being a point of focus:

“We want to put the best portrayal of our sound out there; which is why we’ve called on the services of the venerable Heinrich Köllner from Burning Tones Studios to help us put our best foot forward with the release of Curtailed Conjecture. His experience, resources and creative input did extremely well to capture the energy and essence of the track. We’re very glad to have worked with him, as the final result is in line with the high expectations we’ve placed on this release.” ~ Wessel Venter (guitar, Holo)

He further describes how ‘Curtailed Conjecture’, which the band affectionately knows as ‘Curt’, is about a journey from the anguish and absolute desolation of having one’s belief systems ripped out from underneath them; the subsequent realizations that follow having one’s realities shattered and ultimately finding power in oneself and embracing the resulting freedom and personal growth found along the rebuilding process through taking the role of victor and not the victim.

“This is echoed in the single’s artwork where the protagonist is depicted as knocked down, but by no means knocked out; there is still fight in him. Musically we chose to release ‘Curt’, as aside from it being one of our favourite tracks, we felt that it was a strong representation of the band, since it combines a number of elements unique to Holo’s sound. We’ve also had time to fine-tune the composition over the years of its live performance and we’ve made a concerted effort to keep it as true to the live version as possible.” ~ Wessel Venter

Holo: live at SummerFest’20, 01 February

The celebration of this new output from Holo doesn’t stop here. We’re delighted to see Holo return to the metal4africa stage at SummerFest’20 on 01 January at our 27th bi-annual festival of all things Metal. Join the facebook event page to get full details and regular updates.

SummerFest'20 poster