Holo: Gambrel single plus brand refresh

Holo 2017 by Craig Victor
Holo: image courtesy of Craig Victor

Cape Town, South Africa: skirting daringly along the avante garde side of Death Metal, Holo ranks in our view alongside the likes of Fuera (RIP) and Sindulgence (RIP) as taking a somewhat unique approach to extreme music. The innovative band members set out to prove their creativity with a brand new recording last week, a single titled ‘Gambrel’.

New Single, new logo, new everything!

‘Gambrel’, in fact, arrives hand-in-hand with a complete image overhaul since the band’s arrival on the live scene some two or so years ago. Holo now boasts a fresh logo and recently launched website, plus new merch. We asked a band member about this sudden burst of activity and plans for the immediate future:

“We focused initially on writing and gigging our set; more of a cathartic experience for ourselves. But now that we’ve had a chance to hone in our sound and live energy, and also in response to the positive feedback we’ve received, we’ve decided to take a more professional approach to the band.” ~ Wessel Venter (guitar, Holo)

Holo: image courtesy of Christopher Tatzreither

Gambrel, and Holo’s acknowledgement of a cruel fate:

‘Gambrel’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Laurie of Legacy School of Music and Orange Tin Studios in Blouberg. The lyrical theme speaks volumes about Holo‘s intellectual world view:

“‘Gambrel’ acknowledges the rat race that we find ourselves plugged in to and draws similarities to livestock, bred for slaughter; the resulting cognitive dissonance, manifesting in a call to action. A Gambrel hook is a meat hook designed to suspend a carcass by its hooves in a more spread out fashion. The call to action is to overturn the status quo and the lyric ‘Hooks hang from necks’ is employed to juxtapose the norm – carcass hanging by hooves – against a metaphorical hook hanging from our necks, thus highlighting the absurdity of the system and implying that we should seek to break free.” ~ Wessel Venter

Unveiled at the time of release, Holo‘s new logo is the work of friend and fan, Dylan Yarrington. Wessel describes it as being perfectly suitable to project the self-image projected by the band as “legible, but still unequivocally Death Metal”. The logo, combined with the theme of the song, make up the inspiration for the artwork featured on new t-shirts.

‘Gambrel’ is accessible now on all major platforms, including YouTube, Bandcamp, Holo’s, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and more.

“The next step for Holo is to dive back into the writing phase in between filling up the line-ups for some notable gigs – details to be release soon! We’re also in the process of tracking an entire album’s worth of content, with another single to be released in the near future.” ~ Wessel Venter

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