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Human Nebula 2018 Get Sick

Pretoria, South Africa: a pleasantly surprising blip to crack our radar screen in the latter half of 2018 is the djenty progressive Metal band Human Nebula. Surprising, because the band consists of faces known to local audiences, but who we did not suspect had something brewing in the background until its sudden appearance in August. Consisting of Gareth Reed – probably best known as guitarist for Riddlebreak, but also co-vocalist for Hiraeth – dedicated to lead vocals, and the likes of Dale McHardy remembered as the last vocalist-guitarist for Maximum Carnage; these names only serve to warm the list up!

“Human Nebula is a progressive metal band. Lots of tasty time signature and tempo changes for the nerds. Think of if Thy Art Is Murder and Periphery had a baby; that would be us… or at least, those are our main influences. We wanted to make something extremely heavy. I mean, I know there’s heavier bands out there; but for myself, this is the heaviest thing I’ve ever done; but at the same time beautiful and complex.” ~ Gareth Reed

And what’s more is that there is a single already out to sample this claim.

‘Get Sick’: first single from upcoming EP

‘Get Sick’ launched earlier this month as not only the first song from Human Nebula, but also as an introduction to an EP titled Pillars Of Creation. Pillars Of Creation releases in full on 17 November, coupled with a live launch at Rumours Rock City. The launch show features support from Boargazm, Hypergiant A.E. and Riddlebreak. Check out full details at the facebook event page.

“The song is about liars; when you hear someone speak and your reptile brain starts sending off alarms… ‘their blatant lies make me feel sick’. It’s more aimed at politicians, but I’d like people to relate in their own way, if they’ve ever been hurt by a liar.” ~ Gareth Reed (vocals, Human Nebula)

What more do we know about Human Nebula?

Gareth describes the roots of the band as reaching back by about four years. Himself and a friend, Graham Ford (now frontman of Zamalek Kings) began conceptualizing; although with numerous membership changes through the early years, ultimately developed into separate projects.

“We’d play with the dualities of society and almost ‘argue/debate’ the opposing points of view. It could be a protester versus a politician, or a serial killer versus a stand up citizen.” ~ Gareth Reed

Politics remains a strong thematic thread within Human Nebula. Though Gareth has other dark fascinations, such as space and science fiction. He also talks about the pressure which this new project places on himself as a developing artistic person:

“I wanted an avenue to speak my mind without any restrictions. This is definitely a dream come true to be able to talk about the things that keep me up at night. Although it’s the first time since Graham, Riddlebreak and Hiraeth where I am the only vocalist, so a huge leap for me in terms of confidence, peer pressure and being way out my comfort zone. The band is derived of members from other well-known local acts, such as The Color Blew, Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy, Maximum Carnage, and of course myself from Riddlebreak. So with a line up of so many talented and well known individuals there is a lot of pressure to do well, and we definitely aim to deliver.” ~ Gareth Reed

And so all of this will be put to trial in the best possible way – with a live show and Ep launch – on 17 November!

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