Ill System: King For a Day, new single

Cape Town, South Africa: the uniquely eclectic Ill System is out with another single; this one is titled ‘King For a Day’.

The band is one of South Africa’s longest surviving in the alternative/metal circles. Its earliest performances date all the way back to 2002; albeit with a few years hiatus in between.

King For a Day

‘King For a Day’ is part of a series of singles the band decided to release. The approach is towards individual works rather than to choose the traditional album format. For now, at least.

“The world is full of ignorant fools. Don’t be one of them! We must get educated, elevated and maintain a zen-like attitude in the face of the uninformed haters that pollute our airwaves. Exist above the noise, because you could be king for day and a fool for eternity.” ~ King For a Day (lyrics, Ill System)

Ill System 2019 King For a Day

Whilst Ill System has always included components in the music which suggest toward multiculturalism, ‘King For a Day’ brings in a distinctively new angle to embracing the band’s home and place of origin as being in Africa. Lyrically, however, the sentiments remain clearly universal.

“These are some of the lyrical ideas explored in King For A Day, set to a sound that can only be described as Ill System. We have always identified as a band with African roots and have been incorporating African percussion and rhythms into our music from inception. With this song we have also brought in a guitar sound that has been influenced by guitar styles of Southern Africa.” ~ Sean Olsen (multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, Ill System)

When asked if the song, with it’s distinctively African flavour makes up part of a greater agenda by the band, Sean describes the sound as being merely a natural progression in Ill System‘s evolutionary process.

“We are influenced by our surroundings; it’s our combined music tastes and our enthusiasm for incorporating different musical ideas that informs the results.” ~ Sean Olsen

Access ‘King For a Day’ via major streaming platforms from Friday 22 November.

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