Irony Destroyed: Immortal Ego single out

Nairobi, Kenya: rising in the ranks of the Kenya metalcore scene, Irony Destroyed unleashes another single in 2018 with ‘Immortal Ego’. ‘Immortal Ego’ follows hot on the heels of an earlier single ‘Fade’, released in June, where the band showcased the result of writing and production explorations.

“My good friend Martin Kanja, also known as Lord SpikeHeart from the band called The Seeds of Datura; we have always wanted to do a collaboration, so I remember we had a talk over the phone saying how he would want a short yet heavy track with some brutal breakdowns and all. So me personally, as a guitarist, I like writing songs with ideas and a vision already given and hence I actually wrote the song in a day. He had already some lyrics written down so everything just fitted right in.” ~ Lenny Kiano (guitar/backing vocals, Irony Destroyed)

Immortal Ego, and more to come:

Having leveled up in these critical areas since its 2017 debut EP, Irony Destroyed feels ready to move on towards a full length album.

“We are just trying to stay active and get loads of content out there, so we might even drop a third single before the year ends if all goes well. But we are at the moment writing a full length album. It’s something we have always wanted to do as a band. We already have a couple of tracks done and hopefully sometime early next year it will be ready.” ~ Lenny Kiano (guitar/backing vocals, Irony Destroyed)

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