Khõja: introduced with Dear Old Jack

Khoja 2019 press image

Cape Town, South Africa: this city’s masked troupe of heroes/villains (we have yet to figure out which) recently released its first audio sampler; a single track titled ‘Dear Old Jack’. Khõja tells us that this makes up the first part of a greater collection in the works.

Dear Old Jack: setting the stage for Khõja

‘Dear Old Jack’ sets the stage for what audiences may expect from Khõja. Steeped in horror themes, this is manifest in the band members’ wearing of masks on stage. The overarching theme is to reflect on issues within today’s society, but portrayed as though in a theater of horror.

“Our single ‘Dear Old Jack’ is based on a mythological giant – known as a Jotunn – named ‘Jack in Irons’. He would hunt his prey, wear their heads as a crown and eradicate the filth.” ~ Paulie Rahilly (vocals, khõja)

Paulie describes Khõja‘s influences as rather diverse, ranging from the likes of King 810 and Pantera, right through to Dimmu Borgir. Furthermore, the band is comprised of ex-members from Strident, The Impalement Theory, Nethercyst, Crooked and Insomniac Diaries.

“Our music has elements of Blackened Deathcore, Death Metal, Slam and bits of Numetal.” ~ Paulie Rahilly

Keep an eye and an ear out for more from khõja in 2019, including an EP towards the end of the year.

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