L.A. Cobra: Live to Ride, and a vision of things to come

Live to Ride

L.A.Cobra 2019 Live to Ride

Pretoria, South Africa: as the local handlebar-warriors of all fishnet and glistening chrome, L.A. Cobra shares a little something this week to show another side to the band. We’ve just heard the digital release for an acoustic version of ‘Live to Ride’.

Live to Ride

‘Live to Ride’ is a rework of the 2007 hit from L.A. Cobra‘s debut album, Cherry Hill, which is now out-of-production (collectors, take note! If you happen across a hard copy). L.A. Cobra released this track earlier in 2019 as part of a seven-inch vinyl pressing for the much more recent ‘Shotgun Slinger’ single, also the title track for the band’s 2017 album.

“Due to the high demand of our fans, we decided to make it available online so everyone can enjoy it as much as we do.” ~ Don Cobra (vocals, L.A. Cobra)

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New album on the way, and more international touring in 2020

Of course, all of this is only to whet appetites for what is coming in 2020. Which reminds us just how quickly that is coming at us! Don tells us that a new album is already in writing phase and will see the light of day in 2020; also in time for the band’s next international tour.

“L.A. Cobra will be back on tour to Europe in July 2020, with our friends Wildstreet and Mr.Myst. We’re busy arranging some dates in Scandinavia as well. We’ll have more news on this exact dates a bit later this year, please check out FB page for updates.” ~ Don Cobra

Wildstreet is another radically sleazy outfit from New York, and Belgium’s Mr. Myst will bring raise a formidable touring trio indeed.

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