Mad God: ‘I Created God’, single and lyric video

Mad God 2018 Grotesque and Inexonerable

Johannesburg, South Africa: Mad God announced its album release date three weeks ago along with the cover art reveal for Grotesque and Inexorable; coming to our ears on 02 November 2018. Today, the stoner-doom trio shares its first song preview from the album with ‘I Created God’, and a lyric video to accompany it.

I Created God: first single from Grotesque and Inexorable album

Poking and prodding into the darker recesses of the human mind, a member of Mad God explains the context of the lyrics for ‘I Created God’:

“This song was written after watching a Charles Manson documentary following his death in 2017. This song does not condone the actions of the cult leader, but rather delves into the psyche and motives of both him and his followers around the time of the murders that took place in 1969.” ~ Tim Harbour (guitar/vocals, Mad god)

Mad God speaks of inspiration taken from sci-fi/fanatasy literature as well as real life sources. Lyrics broadly cover such topics as horror, madness, drug abuse, interdimensional beings and other sinister musings. Grotesque and Inexorable can be pre-ordered via the Mad God bandcamp page.

At this time only one show date looms on the near horizon: Mad God will accompany Ruff Majik to Durban on 20 October for that band’s Season of the Witch tour.

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