Mind Assault: return to Burn Down The Nation

Mind Assault, Burn Down The Nation, from The Cult of Conflict album

Cape Town, South Africa: one of the Mother City’s longest-standing metal bands is rising from a period of slumber. Mind Assault first hit the live circuit in 2004 and grew to become one of the nation’s leading extreme metal acts in the decade that followed. Since the end of 2016, however, the band fell silent. Until now.

Burn Down The Nation

Today, Mind Assault unveils a new track from its upcoming full-length album, The Cult of Conflict. ‘Burn Down The Nation’ offers a peek into the evolved sound of the band since its first release in the mid-2000’s.

“We’ve spent the biggest part of our career focusing on being a live act. This was really great for us, and we wrote songs which could be enjoyed best in that context. It was raw and energized. Later on though, we felt that we were reaching a series of peaks; kind of like we couldn’t grow further as a band just doing things the same. We started to examine what each members’ influences were and bringing more of that into our sound.” ~ Donovan Tose (bass, Mind Assault)

The Cult of Conflict

‘Burn Down The Nation’ is track number four on the upcoming full-length, numbering twelve songs in total. Donovan describes the sound as being metal, with a lot of the Mind Assault elements fans have come to expect, but also taking some new angles if compared with previous recorded material.

“We chose ‘Burn Down The Nation’ as the first proper reveal because it’ll have enough elements that are still familiar. But it also has enough of where we’ve gone to prepare your ears for the rest. We’ve really unpacked some of the talents of other band members. It’ll be a lot more – can we say – ‘epic’ or ‘cinematic’ in how some of the songs feel.” ~ Donovan Tose

Mind Assault is still playing cards close to the chest. There is no release date for The Cult of Conflict as of yet, although they tell us that fans can expect this soon. And it will be within the first quarter of 2020. The band promises a return to the live circuit as well, with show dates starting to be announced as soon as today.

Below: Mind Assault performing ‘Volsmoord’ and ‘Dark Continent’ live at WinterFest’15. Both songs from the 2011 EP, Metal Rites.