Mind Assault: new song, Corroded World

Mind Assault photograph, The Cult of Conflict

Cape Town, South Africa: last year ended with a bang for Mind Assault. In December, the epic death metal band announced a title for its 2020 full-length album, The Cult of Conflict, along with a new song to whet appetites. ‘Burn Down The Nation’ demonstrated the more brutal edge of the band’s spectrum and what promises to be a savage mosh-pit experience at SummerFest’20 this February.

Corroded World

‘Corroded World’ is the next teaser from The Cult of Conflict, accompanied with a lyric video today. It’s quite a different animal from the previous song, exhibiting an unusually somber tone from Mind Assault.

“You’ll notice some new vibes in our latest work. Old Mind Assault was always a bit gung ho and in-your-face. So we’ve grown up a bit, I suppose. This eventually happens if you’re active for so long. The years have taught us that not everything is hunky-dory and some things cannot be overcome with a heroic riff and lyric. We’ve spent some time these last years sitting face-to-face with ugly shit; it’s kinda changed us a bit. ‘Corroded World’ demonstrates this side of our current spectrum the best.” ~ Patrick Davidson (guitar, Mind Assault)

New Direction?

‘Corroded World’ is less about speedy guitar-work and amplifies slow, emotive melodies and epic drama instead. We might wonder if this is just a brief foray into other-worldliness for the usually hard-hitting band; or is this an entirely new direction to be echoed throughout the greater work?

“There are some songs people will recognize from live shows. They’ve got all the clout of our thrashy and death metal roots. But ‘Corroded World’ is entirely new to listeners and brings in darker elements of where we come from, where on previous recording projects we only scratched at the surface. This one departs from the typical Mind Assault riff-fest and our focus shifts towards composition and arrangement. It’s probably the song on the album that best represents that opposite end of our aural spectrum, although you can expect to hear more of these grand and epic elements throughout the collection. In fact, there are only two songs on the whole album which will feature no embellishments at all, and just rely on a good old fashioned guitar driven ass-whipping. We went totally from end-to-end on this project.” ~ Patrick Davidson

The band remains tight-lipped on a particular release date for The Cult of Conflict, and have yet to show off an artwork; however, they tell us that all shall be revealed in quick succession from now.

“Actually, you’ve already seen some of the artwork; portions of it in our previous lyric video for ‘Burn Down The Nation’. You’ll just have to hang on a little longer. Maybe we’ll show you the whole thing at SummerFest’20. If you really want to see?” ~ Patrick Davidson

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