Mind Assault: New World Disorder, and album date

Cape Town, South Africa: the headbanging stalwarts in Mind Assault released another preview from its upcoming album today with the song ‘New World Disorder’. The song is track number two on the band’s upcoming full length album, The Cult of Conflict.

New World Disorder: video in context

Mind Assault showed off this video and song at SummerFest’21 online festival last weekend. Today it’s up on Youtube for everybody’s enjoyment. The band calls the clip a “fan video”, although the visuals are very telling of the overall lyrical theme:

“‘New World Disorder’ is about corrupt governments and officials making decisions to grow their wealth at the cost of the everyday person’s life. They don’t give a fuck about the people who slave away to just get by.” ~ Jacques Fourie (vocals, Mind Assault)

Jacques goes on to tell us that even though these lyrics were penned years ago, the present times hammer home their relevance more than ever. In fact, the overarching theme of The Cult of Conflict as a whole speaks of this narrative in depth; as one should expect from heavy metal.

Mind Assault - New World Disorder

The Cult of Conflict: 01 March on all major platforms

The Cult of Conflict, which was originally planned for release in May 2020, is coming in hot! After Covid-19 related postponements, Mind Assault decided that waiting for the chance to tour the album still leaves too much uncertainty. They want us to have it now!

“We’ll be dropping a bit more content between now and March. SummerFest’21 provided us with the momentum we needed to finally get closure on this chapter. We’ve got a nifty plan for an online release “party” for those who wish to join us; which we’ll share next week. Then we can worry about touring some time in the future again when it seems more favourable to do so.” ~ Patrick Davidson (guitar, Mind Assault)

Patrick’s comment follows another breadcrumb from the album dropped last week with ‘Wraak’. Keep an eye on your favourite streaming platform. Hard copy albums will also be available later in the first half of 2021. At this time, on CD and vinyl.

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