Mutable: an introduction with [-] Polarity

Cape Town, South Africa: a side project by two members of Set For The Sky punches its way into the limelight today with its debut single ‘[-] Polarity’

Set For The Sky, whilst better known for its pop-punk sensibilities, surprised us with an outstanding track and collaboration in 2015. ‘Live Like You’re On Fire‘ showed us that the band’s members enjoy some heavier riffs and beats as well. The band exhibited some further developments toward a more contemporary “heavy” style with it’s single release, ‘Alibi‘, two years ago and has played with some international visitors since; although a second album has not appeared yet.

[-] Polarity: with more to come…

Like most bands in South Africa, there are times to surge forward and times to get life-behind-the-scenes in order. But whilst band affairs at Set For The Sky move a little more slowly, some members are still flexing creative muscles:

“JD and I can’t ever sit still when it comes to conceptualizing, making and producing. We made a ton of stuff during Set For The Sky’s down-time, but never knew what to do with any of it.” ~ Alex von Gossler (Set For The Sky/Mutable)

The result is Mutable; a platform for the two members to present all of their fun and creative ideas. Alex speaks of how it started and has been purring in the background since as early as 2016, and has morphed several times before settling into what Mutable is today, and will be now that it is launched with this first track: ‘[-] Polarity’.

“The song is a Doom/ Mick Gordon inspired instrumental soundtrack, best enjoyed loud and with a beer in hand” ~ Alex von Gossler

Make up your own mind! We think it’s pretty tasty and are eager to hear what Mutable will conjure up for us next. Alex warns us that not all will be to our taste, and yet some may be.

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Mutable 2020 [-] Polarity