Peasant: Destined to Dirt, first taste from forthcoming album

Destined to Dirt

Peasant 2019 Unrest Eternal vinyl

Cape Town, South Africa: last week, local Hardcore band Peasant announced dates for its first European tour alongside Sweden’s Prescription death. Peasant also promised us a new album before the end of June and appear to not be bluffing with the first single dropping today. The song, ‘Destined to Dirt’, is accompanied by a lyric video and is our first aural taster for the upcoming Unrest Eternal album.

Destined to Dirt

The first thing we noticed about this track is that it sounds distinctly different from previous material, characterized by a dual guitar onslaught and different voice. Also, ‘Destined to Dirt’ features a guest spot with Ross Hallam; well-known in the Hardcore/Punk scene as being in CONQUEROR HC before.

“‘Destined to Dirt’ was one of the last songs I wrote for the record, and it only really came together a couple weeks before we recorded. It was just one of those tracks where nothing really got in the way of the songwriting process. It happened very naturally. I wrote it in a day and Immanuel wrote the solo on the spot a couple weeks later. Ross is also an old friend who did vocals in Conqueror, which I was in, and we just thought his vocals would match the song really well. Richard who mixed the record was also in Conqueror, so I guess it was just a cool opportunity to work with our friends again.” ~ Pieter Jordaan (guitar, Peasant)

Unrest Eternal, coming on 28 June

Peasant‘s next album – the fifth release from the band – is fast on its way. Unrest Eternal will be released on 12″ vinyl through Roastin’ Records and pre-orders are open now.

Listen also on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes and Google Play.

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