Portraits of Flesh: The Nameless Epitaph, first single

Portraits of Flesh 2018, The Nameless Epitaph

Johannesburg, South Africa: gestating, solemnly silent in the background after a fistful of shows in 2016, Portraits of Flesh rears its head again. This time, the band issues forth with some recorded music and the promise of a full length album just around the corner. Today we are presented with ‘The Nameless Epitaph’, first single from a full length debut album on the horizon.

The Nameless Epitaph, a prelude to Endless Spiritual Decay

What’s more, the album titled Endless Spiritual Decay is to arrive before the end of the month! Release date is scheduled for 28 October.

Portraits of Flesh brings us a serious dose of the dark with its doom/black/death hybrid, smashing away in a separate direction from all current-day trends in contemporary heavy music. We’ve seen similar in recent times with bands such as Surdus and In Misery; the latter containing some of the same band members from Portraits of Flesh.

A member shared a little with us about the band’s development since first appearing to public view in 2016:

“Portraits of Flesh started out towards Doom Metal roots, but has been changing since day one. Incorporating elements from Black and Death metal, we have sought to write the darkest soundscape we can by doing it within a very spontaneous and improvisational manner.” ~ Calvyn (guitar/drums, Portraits of Flesh & In Misery)

The darkly scintillating photography of band members exhibited in the youtube presentation is the work of artist Nepenthe OHM.

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