Pyjama Planet: new track today with ‘Storm The Gates’

Pyjama Planet 2021 Storm The Gates

Wilderness, South Africa: formerly from Cape Town and now creating magic in the Garden Route, ‘Storm The Gates’ is the latest from Pyjama Planet.

Storm The Gates: the saga expanded

‘Storm The Gates’ is the second preview from Pyjama Planet‘s 2021 album, MadJenta, promised in full later this year. Our first taste of the new work came in October when the prog-symphonic-metal hybrid graced us with ‘Prelude’.

As with all things Pyjama Planet, creator Mark Allnutt’s work includes a little quirkiness, which is very welcome. ‘Storm The Gates’ further explores the sagas of this planet in its parallel dimension and somewhat bizarre history; continuing seamlessly from the debut album Max Chops released in 2016.

MadJenta: the bold protagonist

Whilst we learned plenty about the hero of the theme, MadJenta, previously, today’s release reveals a villain. Mark elaborates:

“Obdurance, a King of the Old World, unwilling to change and adapt to the ways of Pyjama Planet, is possessed by an ancient evil and transformed into a monstrous, monolithic demon.” ~ Mark Allnutt

The saga is described at length about how the good-King-turned-bad descended into madness and his kingdom into brutal chaos. Of course, immortality is a usual suspect! Pyjama Planet‘s chief protagonist of this chapter in history, MadJenta, sets out to save the day. Let the music guide your inner story-teller to tell the nitty-gritty details.

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