Pyjama Planet: ‘The Prelude’ to a wild new epic

Pyjama Planet 2020 Mark Allnutt, 'The Prelude'

Wilderness, South Africa: the instrumental and otherworldly flair of Pyjama Planet is back today with ‘The Prelude’; a new song from this parallel dimension created by composer Mark “Pyjama” Allnutt with his dynamic association of fellow musicians and other talent.

This latest track is the first full exhibition from his next full body of work; an album titled Madjenta. This progressive symphonic metal powerhouse extends the work first introduced with Pyjama Planet‘s 2016 debut Max Chops. As with the previous album, Mark spares no reservation in working with the cream of the crop. This is already evident with his first guest artist, none other than Ormsby Guitars-endorsed artist Kris Xenopoulos dropping a solo into ‘The Prelude’.

“As always, it’s a pleasure working with Mark Pyjama. He’s a great producer, musician & friend! Playing a guest solo on ‘The Prelude’ was a breeze; there was a lot of space to be myself and I’m super stoked with how it turned out. Mark’s compositions always take you on a journey and tell a story. I’m very happy to have a chance to add to that story! Hope everyone has as much fun listening to the song as I had playing on it.” ~ Kris Xenopoulos (guitars, Vulvodynia / Xavleg / Technopath)

The Prelude: an epic tale in the unfolding

At metal4africa, we were privileged to have Mark unveil ‘The Prelude’ as well as some of the accompanying back-story to the new album at WinterFest’20, our online festival in August (see video below) well in advance of today’s official release.

“This song has been three years in the making. It was a journey. The song developed as I did as a person over these years, and it was my rock when I needed creative escapism!” ~ Mark Allnutt (composer/guitarist, Pyjama Planet)

‘The Prelude’ takes us ever deeper into the wild and wonderful parallel universe of Pyjama Planet; a place of creative refuge and expression for Mark. Whilst we were introduced to this fantastic realm along with Max Chops in 2016, all worlds need a creation myth, and Madjenta will provide exactly this.

The narrative takes on a fire-side character and involves the chief protagonist and fierce warrior, Madjenta, telling tales to her sentient beast companion, Khenji.

The Pyjama Planet: a creation myth

In a distant quadrant of the known universe, a solar system lost its sun, and the radiation that spilled from its destruction infused its orbiting planets with perpetual, brilliant phosphorescence.

Deep at the centre of this broken system of still-orbiting worlds spins Pyjama Planet. It is a beautiful world of strange, glowing creatures, iridescent flora, and a scattering of resilient, radiant, pyjama-clad humanoids.

Drifting amidst a sky of perpetual night, this world of myriad light has found a new way to exist, a planet with no star that has discovered infinite ways to shine.

Madjenta: coming in December 2020

If you have enjoyed ‘The Prelude’ and the accompanying narrative, then brace for a full album release just in time to bring a fulfilling ending to an otherwise preposterous year – that which we will always remember as 2020.

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