Rhakshah: Obsolescence, first song from album

Cape Town, South Africa: not only is Rhakshah one of the more fascinating bands to have emerged on the live circuit last year, but it’s also fronted by Nathan McClure; a character who has solidified his presence on the national live music scene through various activities including a podcast, hosting events, serving as MC for events and more. Until now, most people know Nathan more by face than by vocal. This is set to change with the release of Rhakshah‘s new single, ‘Obsolescence’.


‘Obsolescence’ is the first track Rhakshah is sharing from The Solemn Fracture, it’s debut full length album. The Solemn Fracture is only weeks away from release in full, scheduled for 28 February. Nathan tells us a little about this song, and we catch a little more than just a subtle statement of intent:

“‘Obsolescence’ was based on a conversation I had with an individual a few years ago; it focused on the rise of mediocrity in all music, and the steady degradation of creativity and expression where influence was mimicked instead of used for inspiration.” ~ Nathan McClure (vocals, Rhakshah)

This first teaser sets a mammoth tone, also welcoming a guest vocal spot with non other than Thomas Theron from Megalodon.

“The addition of Thomas was an easy choice. He’s a great vocalist with a unique sound which added to the texture of the track. He performed it with us at our first live show two years ago and to our delight, the crowd ate it up!” ~ Nathan McClure

Concluding four years in the making, Rhakshah is poised to release The Solemn Fracture across major platforms on 28 February. Additionally, catch the band live in Cape Town for the first time following the Necrogenesis Tour (2018) participating in the Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa.

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Rhakshah 2018 press picture
Justin Ross, Arno van Zyl, Nathan McClure, Jonathan Burgers, Thariq Taladia – Rhakshah