Robyn Ferguson: ‘Grey’, prelude to Triptych

Robyn Ferguson 2021 Grey from Triptych

Cape Town, South Africa: Guitar Prodigy, Robyn Ferguson is flying high on today’s radar with the release of ‘Grey’; the first single off her upcoming EP titled ‘Triptych’.

Grey: an unspoken tale of Determination and Perseverance

At the start of South Africa’s national lockdown, Ms Ferguson set an incredible goal to release three EPs in 12 months. ‘Grey’ reveals that Robyn is well on her way to fulfilling this target. Triptych will arrive next week, hot on the heels of Robyn’s SAMMA-nominated EP, Harbinger in August 2020.

With ‘Grey’, Robyn continues her introspective journey through the void and represents the struggles of our human mind:

“It is about discovery, becoming … the very thread of life, time and connection. The unknown and coming of clarity and the limbo between” ~ Robyn Ferguson

Overcoming hurdles

Many South African metalheads may recall Robyn Ferguson as fronting the Blackened Death Metal band, Adorned in Ash, as well as a founding and long-standing member of Sistas of Metal; an all-female member metal band. It is since relocating to the Cape, and while recovering from severe illness, that Robyn began to focus on developing her solo career.

“There were many challenges faced, and some that are still being faced. I am happy to say that, despite these battles (and still having some nerve damage and paralysis in parts of my body), the creation of my solo work has been extremely liberating and exciting. These past two years completely kicked me into a different frame of mind, and I’ve found myself looking at the world through a different lens.” ~ Robyn Ferguson

Robyn Ferguson 2021 Triptych promo image

‘Grey’ is a progressive instrumental track that takes the listener on a journey, featuring inspiring guitar solos that lift and refresh the soul. With this taste of what is to come from Triptych, the crew at M4A headquarters are bursting with anticipation.

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