Sepulchre of Man: introduces self with ‘Curtain Call’

Sepulchre of Man

Johannesburg, South Africa: ‘Curtain Call’ shows us that amidst the continuing ruinous impact of Covid-19, creators are still creating. The debut single by new symphonic-styled metal band, Sepulchre of Man serves as an introduction to the “super-group”. It is comprised of experienced members from bands such as Surdus, Forsaking Fate and PSordid.

“Symphonic extreme metal is something that is a fundamental part of my very being. It is an honour to be able to share something so expressive and visceral with people.” ~ Alec Larsen (bass/vocals, Sepulchre of Man)

Curtain Call: an apocalyptic scenario

Sepulchre of Man proclaims its ethos as providing high quality death metal accompanied by eerie and epic orchestration. Further to that, the band promises theatrical live performances.

With live shows off the cards for the foreseeable future, Sepulchre of Man shifts its focus towards completing its first album, The Reckoning; which is expected later in 2021 and will mark the first in a string of concept albums. The band wishes to write future albums following the theme of apocalypse; yet each album examining these end-of-days scenarios in parallel dimensions.

‘Curtain Call’ and the coming album are released under MMD Records, a local label representing extreme music from the country. Choose to listen to ‘Curtain Call’ via your favourite platform here.

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