Sunken State: Separation Has Begun

Johannesburg, South Africa: metal band Sunken State follows up its debut EP today with a single and lyric video, ‘Separation Has Begun’.

Separation Has Begun

Sunken State released its celebrated EP Enter The Grey in 2019, roughly a year after forming up in 2018. The band has since become firmly entrenched in the local scene. ‘Separation Has Begun’ heralds Solace In Solitude, a full length album which Sunken State will release on 11 June.

“Separation Has Begun is about human’s disconnect from nature. Mother nature is fierce, beautiful, scary, and inspirational; we cannot survive as a species without her. Our exploitative relationship with nature is founded on a disregard for the future in pursuit of short-term goals. The band captures these emotions with an aggressive yet melodic expression of sound. While introducing new clean vocals, “Separation” promises to deliver the modern groove elements that Sunken State has become synonymous with.” ~ Sunken State

Watch this space for more news on the album coming soon!

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Sunken State 2021 Separation Has Begun