Testosteruins: Fuck Sharafuck! first single premiered


Lund, Sweden: the two-member death metal project Testosteruins premieres its first single, ‘Fuck Sharafuck!’ Consisting of an international collaboration, both artist’s origins are deeply rooted in the African continent; featuring Tunisian instrumentalist Heny Maatar (presently based in Sweden) and South African vocalist Jo-Marie Smit.

Fuck Sharafuck!

‘Fuck Sharafuck!’ leaps straight into the business of Testosteruins thematic core: to spit into the eye of the “persistent plague of patriarchy”, as voiced by instrumentalist and project leader Heny Maater.

“Sharaf/Sharafuck is Arabic for ‘honor/your honor’. This song is a fist in every culture, tradition or religion that allows or accepts child marriage.” ~ Heny Maater

‘Fuck Sharafuck!’ is the second track from the upcoming Suffering Masculinity EP. The full work is scheduled for release by Don Dada Records as soon as March 2019. It contains another three titles, including ‘The Injector’, ‘AniMale’ and the title track ‘Suffering Masculinity’.


Further credits include:

Heny Maatar – Instruments
Jo Marie Smit – Vocals
Mixed and produced by Heny Maatar at Bassmint Audio, Lund – Sweden
Vocals recorded by Jethro Harris, Cape Town – South Africa
Mastered by Marius Krämer, Berlin – Germany
Artwork by Khorda, Tunisia
Copyrights owned by Testosteruins and Don Dada AB, Sweden

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