The Drift: ‘Seer’ art reveal, plus new song ‘Day One’

Johannesburg, South Africa: local Sludge Metal puts a shiny foot forward with The Drift this week. Following a three-year hiatus, the five-piece reignited this year with a couple of shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town, a new music video, and the promise of a third album; the third, in fact, in a trilogy promised to the public even at the time of the band’s formation.

Today The Drift shows us its album artwork for Seer, and give us another song with ‘Day One’. Seer is releasing in full on 22 November, so get your appetite whet right here and now.

Day One

“As a band with a relatively broad palette of sounds, it’s always tricky picking ‘singles’. After a bit of an internal debate on what aspect of the ‘SEER’ album we’d like to showcase, we settled on ‘Day One’, the album’s central anchor and a track that touches on most of the sounds on offer. Day One was also the first track written for the ‘SEER’ album, so it serves as the root that rest of the album would eventually grow from.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

The Drift, South Africa, Sludge Metal, band photograph, 2019

Seer: 22 November 2019

The Deluge trilogy kicked off in 2013 when The Drift released its acclaimed debut, Dreams of Deluge. That was followed by a Part II, titled The Mountain Star in 2015, after which the band fell largely silent.

Until 2019, of course. It started with the announcement of a live show; the continuation of The Drift‘s own masterpiece concert concept Weird Boner. In short order, The Drift had a music video and appeared at M4A‘s WinterFest’19. The finish line is now in sight, with Seer becoming available across all major platforms on 22 November.

In addition to the artwork and new song, we’ve also got the Seer track listing:

  1. A Coward’s Wager
  2. Seer
  3. Don’t Forget to Breathe
  4. Funeral Man
  5. Adrift
  6. Day One
  7. Decider
  8. Reclaim This World
  9. A Passage on Time
  10. I Dream of Deluge
The Drift 2019 Seer