The Fallen Prophets: Dead But Still Alive, single release

Dead But Still Alive, track 1 from new The Fallen Prophets EP

Cape Town, South Africa: 2020 has been hard on many, but The Fallen Prophets are slaying through it all, taking no prisoners. This year proves to be productive indeed with a full length album released in March, and now an EP set for release in just a few weeks time.

Dead But Still Alive, featuring Kris Xenopoulos

‘Dead But Still Alive’ is the first track on the upcoming six-track EP titled No End In Sight. The kick-off song features none other than Kris Xenopoulos, best known from Vulvodynia. Kris, being quite a meistro, is involved in numerous projects and musical endeavours, including his own project Technopath and Vulvodynia‘s parody side-hustle, Xavleg.

“This really has broadened the sound of The Fallen Prophets in such a way that things might change in the future. We decided to write, record and release an EP during South Africa’s lockdown. No End In Sight was inspired by Cattle Decapitation, Benighted, Dark Funeral and Nagelfar. The EP’s sound is more blackened Death Metal than Brutal death and with a lot of atmosphere.” ~ Francois van der Merwe (guitars/backing vocals, The Fallen Prophets)

No End In Sight: launch date set for 11 December

No End In Sight is launching on 11 December 2020 via MMD Records and is being mixed and mastered by Heinrich Kollner at Burning Tone Studio.

“The lyrical content is based on an entity bound and cursed to destroy all life forms, inspired by the arrival of Covid-19.” ~ Francois van der Merwe

The EP will be available digitally all around the world and physically in Japan as a deluxe Japanese addition. There are also several other guest artist features, as per the track list below:

1 – ‘Dead But Still Alive’ ft Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodynia,Xavaleg and Technopath
2 – ‘Killing The Last Savior’
3 – ‘The Beast’ ft Justen Hosken
4 – ‘Believe’ ft Ivan Meathook from Blood Red Throne and Son of a Shotgun
5 – ‘No End In Sight’ ft Oliver Saggerson from Bulletscript
6 – ‘Deception’ [Bonus Track] ft Warzy from Jackhammer Music

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