Thread of Omen: Inherent Vice, new single

Thread Of Omen 2019 press, Inherent Vice

Cape Town, South Africa: melodic death metal still enjoys representation in this city with Thread Of Omen. In spite of being relatively silent for the last year or so, Thread Of Omen is back in action and hitting hard. Not only did the band take top position in its Wacken Metal Battle heat earlier this year, but also releases a single today; ‘Inherent Vice’ is the first taster to reach our ears since the 2017 full-length album, Vindicta.

Inherent Vice

The new single serves to announce the impending arrival of Thread Of Omen‘s new EP offering. Whilst there is no title as yet, Thread Of Omen has been working on new songs over the last twelve months, including ‘Inherent Vice’.

“‘Inherent Vice’ is the next step in the evolution of our band. Melodic Death will always be our roots, but the writing process for our latest EP has taken a step forward and drawing inspiration from many sought-after metal genres. We have experimented with odd timing signatures and focused on technicality to produce something fresh, yet synonymous to our own ‘sound’, so to speak. Lyrically, ‘Inherent Vice’ portrays our flaws as human beings in a poetic way, and, as the song progresses, so does the interpretation towards a better understanding of our greatest flaw; the ego.” ~ Victor van den Heever (vocals, Thread Of Omen)

This new burst of presence from Thread Of Omen also signals the solidification of a fresh line-up. Previous bass player, Matthew Cox, makes way for Marius Vercuiel whilst moving over to guitar.

“I made contact with Vic after hearing at a friend’s bday party they are looking for a bassist. I got the audition but due to a broken foot over a New Years party had to postpone. By the third practice they wanted me to play the Wacken Metal Battle which was in three weeks. This was my first gig with Them. I was nogals nervous! The music was really easy to get into; however, not easy as easy to learn. I Don’t think I’ve had a workout this intense as I do with Thread of Omen.” ~ Marius Vercuiel (bass, Thread Of Omen)

Thread Of Omen at the Wacken Metal Battle SA Finals in JHB

Needless to say, even with a fresh bassist, Thread Of Omen took the highest honour at its local heat in the Wacken Metal Battle. The band will be joining a beastly national line-up at the Wacken Metal Battle SA Finals in Johannesburg on 27 April. Join the official facebook event page for full details and latest updates.

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