Treehouse Burning: new single, Krasitam


Treehouse Burning 2019 Krasitam

Cape Town, South Africa: a little more than the treehouse has been set aflame in the last eighteen months since Treehouse Burning hit the live circuit in 2018. Opening as support for international visitors such as Fit For A King, Our Last Night, Dreamshade and, most recently, Attila; the youthful powerhouse is also on the verge of releasing its second EP next month.

Of course, Treehouse Burning shot onto our radar earlier than that. The lads released their debut EP Overdose in 2017; the strength upon which we booked them to begin their live career at SummerFest’18. Today’s single, ‘Krasitam’, heralds the arrival of a follow-up EP next month; and this second EP is titled Suffering.

Krasitam: featuring Estian Smith

‘Krasitam’ premiered via The Circle Pit yesterday and features guest vocalist Estian Smith. Estian is one of two vocalists for Johannesburg-based Deathcore band, Whoreborn.

“Estian is a good friend of ours. After he did a guest feature on our set at Krank’d Up 2018 we all decided we’d love to have his voice on a track! The brutality of the section at the end of the song was begging for some gnarly vocal work, and we all decided Estian would do it justice.” ~ Jesse Kuhn (guitar, Treehouse Burning)

Suffering is coming to major digital platforms next month and includes four tracks. Treehouse Burning is planning a live launch concert in Cape Town to mark the significant milestone. Abaddon, As Time Divides and The Fallen Prophets will join Treehouse Burning for the launch on 14 July at Mercury Live.

“We’ll play a slightly longer set for our launch. Every song in the Treehouse Burning discography and a debut of a new track not on ‘Suffering’. We’re also super excited about the bands we have supporting the event and can’t wait to share the stage with them!” ~ Jesse Kuhn

Supporting Atreyu

Treehouse Burning is also scheduled to support Atreyu when the USA band visits Cape Town in September.

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